“Save Culture, Stop the Modernists”

In 1918, Oswald Spengler foretold an Age of Skepticism. The last hundred years have seen his prophecy fulfilled. But this skepticism, contrary to the assertions of its apologists, was not the infusion of fresh blood our Civilization needed to live on. It was a disease, a pest that wormed its way into our Culture, lodging itself in the brain. The pest has many strains–cultural relativism, multiculturalism, feminism– but all stem from the germ called Modernism. Modernism is not the careful skepticism of a great philosopher, but the all-destroying cynicism of an anti-intellectual pretender.

The Ritter Review is dedicated to fighting Modernism and refuting its apologists. Whether they infest Academia or the Media, theirs is truly a Campaign of Lies. We review their work critically and unflinchingly. We refute their anti-rationalism, their nihilism. We give them no quarter to spread their distortions, their omissions, their equivocation. We pursue Truth, wherever it may lead. As such, we are undaunted by the moralistic pretensions of the cultural relativists. If it be the case, that in any field of objective inquiry the Western Civilization has been outdone by another, we will acknowledge so much.

Future civilizations will remember our struggle. The waning centuries of all civilizations have seen the rise of anti-rationalists. In the Islamic Civilization, it was Al-Ghazali who began the anti-rational onslaught, wrecking Islam’s philosophical tradition, and damning his race to a millennium of thoughtless stagnation. But Al-Ghazali’s anti-philosophy was not allowed to win without a fight. History remembers his opponent, Ibn Rushd, as the last defender of Islam’s honor on the field rational inquiry.

The struggle is of course hopeless. History is merciless, as Spengler knew. The modernists will destroy our Civilization, just as their ilk destroyed the Islamic Civilization before us. This outcome is certain. For us, the true sons of the West, there are only two paths. We may chose to accept the challenge of History, or we may chose stand aside, and let History take its course. On this decision will future civilizations judge us. Will we resign ourselves to defeat, enslavement, miscegenation and eventual fellahdom?

Or will we fight, until the bloody end?

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