Join the Fight

The Ritter Review is looking for book reviewers. Ideal reviewers would have a broad grounding in history, language, philosophy, economics and art. We are interested in reviews of recent non-specialist academic works. There is no need to review the output of such brain-dead “disciplines” as gender-studies, African-American studies and other “grievance studies.” These disciplines and their purveyors are beyond salvation. This Journal limits itself to the works of redeemable academics and writers.

Reviewers with backgrounds in mathematics and science are also welcome. Although technical developments in those fields are beyond the scope of this Journal, we are interested in reviewing recent books on mathematical and scientific intellectual history.

The Ritter Review is also looking for translators. We would like to run translations of foreign-language news and opinion articles, and synopses of trends in foreign-language media. Especially desirable is the ability to render German, Russian, Arabic or Hebrew into English. Other languages will also be considered. While we intend to keep much of this work in-house, we are always looking for help.

If you would like to contribute, please contact the Editor at Unfortunately, we can offer no compensation. Only the satisfaction of

“Save Culture, Stop the Modernists.”